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Turning ideas into assets

Overview of a holder's trademarks

Which trademarks are registered by your competitor?

The Overview of a Holder’s Trademarks displays the trademark portfolio of a particular company or individual. You will receive a list of registered trademarks and trademark applications, which can provide you with a valuable insight into the activities of your competitor – or with an overview of your own.

Insight into the sompetitor's trademark activities - or your own

The search establishes which trademark registrations and applications a particular company or individual holds in Denmark and internationally. We search relevant databases for a name and possibly a variation provided by you.

Use the search to gather information about the activities of your competitor. New trademark applications may indicate a new product launch. The search may also be used to disclose the trademark portfolio of your own company, e.g. in connection with a merger or an acquisition.

Gain insight

The search report contains a list of all the trademarks we have found. In this way, you will receive a omprehensive list of all trademark registrations and applications. You may use the report as a basis for further searches, e.g. a surveillance of the activities of the company.

Price and delivery

The search report is usually delivered within 10 working days. The cost depends on the extent of the search. Please contact us for an estimate. 

You can find our current hourly rate in our indicative price lists for our search services in USD and EUR.  

Read our terms of service.


If you need further information, have any questions or want to place an order, please contact our Customer Service Centre on telephone + 45 4350 8301, send an email to or fill out the contact form.


The Danish Patent and Trademark Office help businesses turn their ideas into assets. We find and screen technical information. We do not provide assessments or make recommendations in this process. We supply targeted information and guidance. We examine, process and issue patent, design and trademark rights.


Product information: February 2018