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- be notified in case of infringement


Is anybody infringing your trademark rights? With MarkWatch, you will quickly find out if a trademark comes too close to your own. In this way, you can determine whether to file an opposition against new trademarks.

Protection against infringement

With MarkWatch surveillance, you will always be updated about new applications for trademarks similar to your own. You will receive a monthly report containing relevant trademarks if any such have appeared in our search.

In this way, you can determine if new trademarks are similar to yours and thus easily confused. You are notified when an application for a similar trademark is filed, providing you with ample time to decide whether to file an opposition when, or if, the mark is published.

A thorough surveillance - also of several trademarks

We search our databases for a trademark text or image. However, the search also comprises other letter-combinations or words which sound or look like your trademark. Usually, the search will be carried out in the classes of your registration.

The search comprises all currently valid trademarks and trademark applications in Denmark, including Danish national trademarks as well as Community Trademarks and international trademarks designating Denmark.

You may monitor a number of trademarks in one surveillance. We also offer to monitor your trademark even if it is not registered, although we recommend that you register your trademark in order to obtain the best possible protection.

Price and delivery

The search is carried out each month. If we find new marks, we will send you a report. We offer MarkWatch at a fixed price.

You can find the price in our indicative price lists for our search services in USD and EUR.  

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If you need further information, have any questions or want to place an order, please contact our Customer Service Centre on telephone + 45 4350 8301, send an email to pvs@dkpto.dk or fill out the contact form.


The Danish Patent and Trademark Office help businesses turn their ideas into assets. We find and screen technical information. We do not provide assessments or make recommendations in this process. We supply targeted information and guidance. We examine, process and issue patent, design and trademark rights.


Product information: March 2013